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Want to sell a house for cash, quick? A good bet is to call one of the many signs that litter most big-city neighborhoods. ‘We buy houses’ ‘Cash for your house’ ‘Sell ‘as-is’ for cash’ Those are a few of the different slogans that are put on the signs posted on telephone poles and street … Continued

Why Sell With Us?

We incorporate the best of both worlds when it comes to selling to a cash buyer. Our model incorporates both wholesaling as well as us being the end buyer. Continually we will find people coming back to us after their initial cash-buyer deal falls through. Imagine this, you’re given multiple offers, everyone claims they can … Continued

Illinois Property Taxes Sold

You’ve had your Chicago property taxes sold, but now what? Don’t worry, if you caught it in time you won’t lose too much. Make most of the same payments you’d have to make anyhow, but now included are some small fees and a variable interest rate to the person who purchased your taxes. If you … Continued

Chicago Debt Snowball

Did you know that only 20% of Americans are free from debt? It is true, Americans live in a self-fulfilling, I need-it-now society where debt is racked up quicker than you can say, ‘debit or credit?’ Getting caught in a never-ending debt cyclone is not uncommon and not something that is easily omitted from one’s … Continued

Moving out of Chicago fast

Ride Out of Town   Chicago is a great town. The food, the culture, the history and the people! What’s not to like? Well, that list is getting pretty long as well unfortunately. Shots fired: Everyone wants to say the record-setting crime is isolated to the South and West sides of the city, but it … Continued

How to sell inherited house Chicago

An inherited house can be a tremendous gift or a demanding inconvenience. It can be a complicated issue after you are gifted a home of a deceased loved one in. At Windy City Solutions, we help to take away some of that stress since we deal with people who sell Chicago probate houses they inherited all the … Continued