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Investment Properties For Sale Chicago

Tired of looking through the MLS for ‘deals’ that aren’t much of a discount?

If you need an investment property in Chicago, that’s our specialty!

Investment properties for sale in Chicago and surrounding suburbs is a smart way to solidify your future. And the best way to a smart buy is to get it at wholesale prices. We never offer anything that isn’t at a steep discount.

Each property will require varying degrees of work, but typically the more work you put on a property the more margin, or equity, you’ll find for yourself!

Turnkey Investment Properties Chicago

Want to try your hand at a fix-n-flip house in Illinois? Maybe you want to create or add onto your rental-property portfolio in the Chicago area?

Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Some of our houses are ready to go after a simple cleanout. Minimal repairs to be done, just a turnkey investment property in Chicago.

Buying Investment Property in Chicago

Who wants to climb over literally hundreds of other investors and agents on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), when you can get deals sent directly to your inbox or phone.

We work directly with homeowners to cut out the middlemen and deliver steep discounts anywhere from 20-40% off retail!

Wholesale Properties in Chicago

Wholesale properties in Chicago are the easiest way to get started in real estate and build long-lasting generational wealth.

We run the math for you, and rest assured you won’t receive anything that isn’t a top-level deal. Every investor has different criteria, some want bigger money paydays with higher-end flips. Maybe you are starting off and need an easy cosmetic flip. Want to add an income-generating rental property to the mix? No matter the experience level, seasoned or fresh out of the gate, we have a good mix of deals at wholesale prices in Chicago, Illinois.

Wholesale Properties For Sale Chicago

Wholesale properties for sale in Chicago are the best way to find real estate deals, cheap houses, discounted properties, investment properties Chicago direct from sellers.

Does Walmart pay retail for their products they sell in store? Of course not. And neither should you when buying your next house.

Investment Property Chicago Suburbs

If you’ve thought about owning rental property in Illinois, we do the heavy lifting for you in negotiating a discounted price so you can buy with built-in equity.

Illinois gets a bad rap for a plateauing population, but rent values are some of the best in the country. The stability of Chicago, as a midwestern hub, provides a good base to begin your investing journey. And we’d like to help!

You’re not going to find better market rents than the South suburbs. If you are open to subsidized housing with Section 8 renters, the rates get especially high in those areas.

Example deal we recently sold:

Sale Price: $102,000
Rehab Budget: $42,000
Retail Sale Price: $209,900

After holding costs and back-end commissions, this investor walked away with almost a 30% ROI and roughly $45,000 profit!

This example is not obtainable every time, but if you’re willing to take the shot, we’ve got your back.

Best Investment Property in Chicago

We tell our investors a 20% ROI is a good goal to shoot for on a flip, and $500/door cash flow on rental properties.

Maybe you’re aiming for the scalability of multi-family housing in Chicago. You can buy a duplex, 3-flat, quad or even bigger and ramp up your investment portfolio quick.

Or, maybe you want the stability of single-family houses where you can lock-in and take control yourself.

It really comes down to a personal preference and what your investor profile looks like. How much risk tolerance do you have? How hands-on do you want to be? Will you have a property manager doing all the work, or are you going to be going on repair calls when your tenant has a leaky pipe on the weekends?

Investment Property For Sale Chicago

Whenever a house goes up for sale, you have to think, ‘Is this a deal?’

The vast majority of houses sell for retail price. The open-market dictates what is the value. But there are a select few properties that can be found at a discount. Typically these are off-market properties in Chicago.

When a property is ‘on-market’ just means it’s listed with a real-estate agent on the MLS. Off-market is direct from seller or from a wholesaler providing a discount.

Rental Properties For Sale Chicago

If you have some extra cash to invest, rental properties are a sure-fire bet to help build diversification in your portfolio, and long-term wealth.

Owning a hard asset such as real estate is something that could provide generational wealth for you and your loved ones. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Income Properties For Sale Chicago

An income property for sale in Chicago would be considered anything that has positive cash flow after a mortgage. Once debt services are paid off and a reasonable expectation of expenses are accounted for, an average investor will aim to make $1-200/door.

Many factors are to be considered when computing this number. How much deferred maintenance does the house/apartment complex have? Do you plan to renovate the house upon purchase, thereby eliminating future capital expenditures? Will you pay a property manager? What is the crime and typical renter like in the area? Will you have to pay leasing fees or find a renter on your own? What is a fair calculation of vacancy rate for the neighborhood?

We can help answer all of these questions and many more. Signup for our newsletter to be the first to find out when off-market properties in Chicago are available.

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